The Zurau Aphorisms

by Franz Kafka
3 Jul 1883 // 3 Jun 1924


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Goodness is in a certain sense comfortless.

The Zurau Aphorisms (30)
Once we have taken Evil into ourselves, it no longer insists that we believe in it.

The Zurau Aphorisms (28)
We are instructed to do the negative; the positive is already within us.

The Zurau Aphorisms (27)
There are innumerable hiding places and only one salvation, but the possibilities of salvation are as numerous as the hiding places. There is a destination but no way there; what we refer to as way is hesitation.

The Zurau Aphorisms (26)
How can one be glad about the world except if one takes one's refuge in it?

The Zurau Aphorisms (25)
Grasping the good fortune that the ground on which you are standing cannot be larger than the two feet covering it.

The Zurau Aphorisms (24)
From the true opponant, a limitless courage flows into you.

The Zurau Aphorisms (23)
As firmly as a hand holding a stone. Held, however, so firmly, merely so that it can be flung a greater distance. But there is a path even to that distance.

The Zurau Aphorisms (21)
Leopards break into the temple and drink all the sacrificial vessels dry; it keeps happening; in the end, it can be calculated in advance and is incorporated into the ritual.

The Zurau Aphorisms (20)
Do not let Evil make you believe you can keep any secrets from it.

The Zurau Aphorisms (19)
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The Zurau Aphorisms

Franz Kafka


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