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You can innovate by not doing anything, if it's a conscious decision.

International Organization and Dynamics (1994)
Innovation comes from the producer - not from the customer.
Implementers aren't considered bozos anymore.

Thriving on Chaos (1987)
The wild, the absurd, the seemingly crazy: this kind of thinking is where new ideas come from...The people capable of such playful thought carry forward their childish qualities and childhood dreams, applying them in areas where most of us get stuck, victims of our adult seriousness. Staying a child isn't easy.

Wired Magazine (1998)
Incrementalism is innovation's worst enemy. New concepts and big steps forward, in a very real sense, come from left field, from a mixture of people, ideas, backgrounds, and cultures that normally are not mixed.

Wired Magazine (1995)
The best way to guarantee a steady stream of new ideas is to make sure that each person in your organization is as different as possible from the others. Under these conditions, and only these conditions, will people maintain varied perspectives and demonstrate their knowledge in different ways.

Wired Magazine (1996)
People are unlikely to know that they need a product which does not exist and the basis of market research in new and innovative products is limited in this regard.

All Together Now(1994)
Creativity is thinking new things. Innovation is doing new things.

'Ideas are Useless Unless Used,' Inc. (1981)
There is no shortage of creative people in American business. The shortage is of innovators. All too often people believe that creativity leads to innovation. It doesn't.

'Ideas are Useless Unless Used,' Inc. (1981)
The scarce people are the ones who have the know-how, energy, daring, and staying power to implement ideas... Since business is a 'get-things-done' institution, creativity without action-oriented follow-through is a barren form of behavior. In a sense it is irresponsible.

'Ideas are Useless Unless Used,' Inc. (1981)
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